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Crystals have been a regular part of my spiritual life for a long time. They have had places around my home and have been something I have tried to incorporate into my jewelry for years. I wanted to share my love of crystals with others, and Lightworker Crystals was born.

At Lightworker Crystals, the crystals I select are picked based on their properties and are often crystals that I personally use and wear. I pick crystals that are beneficial in a variety of ways emotionally and spiritually. Each product page includes a description of how the crystal can benefit you.

I cleanse my crystals using sage and palo santo and cleanse all the crystals shipped out the same way. That way they arrive in your hands ready for your intention to be set to the crystal. I like to set my intention to each crystal by meditating with it and focusing on what I would like to happen and how I would like to feel with each crystal close to my heart.